Should I List My House With a Real Estate Agent or Sell my House to an Investor?

I am a licensed real estate agent in Arizona, in the Phoenix area. I sometimes list homes for sale. I am also an investor, and I buy houses in as-is condition. Which method is better? Which should you select? Since I am intimately familiar with both options, I can provide some guidance.

Here are the questions you should ask yourself:

Is my house in showable condition?
If your house is clean, updated, functional, and ready to show, then I would absolutely recommend listing it with a real estate agent. You will generally make the most money selling with an agent, because they have access to the largest pool of buyers.

If your house is not in showable condition, the next question is:

Am I willing to do what it takes to get my house into showable condition?
This may involve cleaning, repairing anything that’s broken, and upgrading anything that isn’t up to speed compared to the other properties in your area. If you are willing to do whatever it takes to get your house into showable condition, then I would still recommend listing it with a real estate agent.

If you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get your house ready to show, the next question would be:

Am I willing to deal with people walking through my home?
If your home is vacant, then this is an easier question to answer, but if you still live in your home, then you need to decide if you’re willing to deal with a lot of people traipsing through it, including not only potential buyers and agents, but also inspectors, appraisers, contractors, etc.

If the answer to all of the above questions is YES, then you should list your home with a real estate agent. If the answer to any of them is NO, then you might consider selling in as-is condition to Baritone.

Some additional questions to consider:

Do I need to sell quickly?
While a real estate agent will try to get you the most money for your home, the process will generally take several months. If you need to sell quickly, then you probably should consider selling to an investor such as Baritone.

Do I want a hassle free transaction?
If you would like to avoid the hassle of the traditional sales process, then give Baritone a call today, at (480) 447-3577, or submit our online form, to get a cash offer today. We will make you a quick, fair, all cash offer. And we will guarantee to complete the purchase of your house in the agreed upon timeframe, at the agreed upon price. You will pay no commissions, and no closing costs. It can be as quick as you would like — we can have a check in your hand in as little as 7 days, or we can work with whatever timeframe is comfortable for you.

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