Take a Tour of a Fixer Upper Home in Peoria, AZ

Take a tour of a new Fixer Upper home that we just purchased in Peoria, Arizona.

Peoria Arizona Fixer Upper - Baritone Home Buyers

Video Transcription:

This is Nate with Baritone Home Buyers. We’re going to take a look at this property that we just purchased. It’s a two bed, one bath, one car garage home in Peoria, Arizona, near Peoria Ave and 71st Ave.

The roof is old, but functional, not leaking. For a flip, you would probably replace it. For renting, you would probably keep it.

So far all we’ve done is rip out the carpet and do some landscaping. The house was pretty dirty when we got it.

Here’s our kitchen. For a flip, we definitely will replace this kitchen. For a rental, you can get away with keeping it. It is functional. The appliances are serviceable, but dated.

The garage door needs some repairs, but it works. Here’s the laundry, and the hot water heater. [It’s] missing a door over there.

So then this area, here, is the big, I guess, decision, on what to do. This space is included in the tax records, this area, so that dramatically changes the value of the house. But as you can see, it’s not very finished. If we want to finish it, we’ll probably want to put in some insulation and a drywall ceiling. And then just get rid of these windows here that would be between two rooms. And then yeah, it would be considered livable square footage, because there is cooling coming in, up here, and up here. I haven’t looked at the ducting in the attic, but I did feel some air coming out of those spots. So it is legitimate, livable space.

Here’s our one bathroom. They used duct tape to fix the bathtub. That’s always good for everything, as MacGyver has taught us. Here’s bedroom number one. The carpet is gone. There’s a walk-in closet, which is nice and then there’s actually a second closet over here. [It is] missing the doors. Here’s bedroom number two. Also has a walk-in closet.

And here is the lovely pool. It’s low on water. Looks like there’s no auto filler. So the seller must have been just filling it with the hose and now it’s evaporating. We’ll get that fixed quickly.

And a big saguaro over there. Hopefully, it’s not going to fall into the neighbor’s yard… And a couple of palm trees. The lot is pretty big. It’s over 9000 square feet. As you can see it’s split up into the pool side, divided by the chain link fence, and the other side is just dirt. So potential for somebody to put in a nice yard. Here’s the rest of the yard. And the roof.

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