Newly Remodeled Home Tour – Check out this home we just fixed up, 65K remodel

Tour of remodeled Phoenix home - Baritone Home Buyers

Take a tour of this home that we just finished remodeling in Phoenix, Arizona. The remodel cost approximately $65,000.

Video Transcription:

Nate here with Baritone Home Buyers. I’m here at a property that we just finished remodeling.

[On] this house we spent about $65,000 fixing it up, but we didn’t put in a new kitchen, or new bathrooms. [And] only about half the flooring is new. So what in the heck did we spend $65,000 on, you might be asking?

Well, when we got the property the roof was sagging, and the garage roof was sagging. You can kind of see there, if you look closely, where the ceiling was cut open to put in a huge beam spanning all three of these rooms. We had to get a structural engineer in here to figure out all of the framing, and we had to get some framers, and the cost of the lumber was intense. So just the framing and engineering was over $20,000.

You can see the better in the garage, since we didn’t put drywall back, the kind of framing we’re talking about, with these huge beams. So that cost over $20,000. What else did we spend money on to get to $65,000? Let’s see here, we had a couple of garage door openers, that’s $660. Interior paint, exterior paint, interior drywall, exterior stucco. All that together was another $12,000. There was an above ground pool here. We had to get rid of. The roof was actually in an okay shape. We had about $1500 in roof repairs.

We put in some new tile. This here is the old stuff, but all the bedrooms had carpet, and now they have tile. So wherever you see these transitions that’s going to the new tiles. Here’s some of the new tile.

We got all new windows, a couple of new blinds. This was just kind of storage back here. Now it’s a closet. We had a few thousand in plumbing, a few thousand in electrical, a few thousand in flooring. Maybe, altogether that’s another $10,000. What are we up to, forty thousand? There was also a lot of miscellaneous – handyman repairs, cleaning, base boards, we resurfaced a couple of bathtubs.  Somehow it all added up to $65,000. Clearly I’m forgetting something, so I’ll have to go back and check the accounting software to see where all the money went. But the framing was the biggest deal. This house actually has five bedrooms and four full bathrooms, and the huge 3 car garage. So that’s pretty awesome.

We ended up renting it out rather than selling it.

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