What is the Probate Process in Arizona and When Is It Required?

What is Probate in Arizona?

Probate refers to the process in which the court selects someone called a personal representative (“PR”), for the estate of someone who died, and then the PR wraps up the deceased person’s financial affairs. The PR is responsible for:

  • Tracking down everything that the deceased person owned, and making a list of it. The list would include everything that is still in the name of the deceased person. Some things transfer automatically, for example a house that is owned with a spouse through community property.
  • Paying the debts and expenses of the deceased person.
  • Paying Uncle Sam and filing a final tax return for the deceased person.
  • Taking what’s left over after paying the debts, and distributing it to the heirs of the deceased person. The PR would determine how to distribute the assets based on either (1) the person’s will; or if the deceased person had no will, (2) according to state law.

An average probate in AZ takes about 6 months, unless it is contested, in which case it can take a lot longer.

When is Probate Required in Arizona?

If the deceased person does not have anything still in their name after they died, then probate is not usually required, which will save a lot of money. If the deceased still has anything titled in their name, or anything payable to the estate, such as life insurance or investment accounts, then probate would be required.

What if I Inherit Real Estate?

If you end up with real estate through the probate process, as either a PR or an heir, you can decide to keep it, to fix it up and list it with a real estate agent, or to sell it in as-is condition to an investor like Baritone.

If you prefer to avoid all the hassles associated with fixing up the property and selling it through traditional means, please give us a call at (480) 447-3577, or fill out our online form for a free estimate. We will make you a quick cash offer, with no commitments. If you accept the offer, we will close as quickly as you want, or we can work with a drawn out timeline if needed by the probate process. Call us today!




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