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We Buy Ugly Houses PhoenixIf you have an ugly house that you would like to sell, we can take care of that problem for you. Baritone is a local home buying company in Phoenix, Arizona.  We buy ugly houses and pretty houses, but our favorite type of houses to buy are the ugly ones! Give us a call now, at (480) 447-3577, or fill out the form to the right, and we will set up a time to meet you at your property and get you a cash offer.

Why do you prefer “ugly houses”?

We are real estate investors, so we buy various types of properties, but the type of properties we buy most often need a lot of repairs, hence the term “ugly houses”.  We pay very fair prices, but we have to buy below retail price in order to make a profit, so “ugly” homes that need work generally make the most sense.

“We buy ugly houses” doesn’t really mean that the home you’re selling is ugly, just that it needs more repair work than you want to do yourself.  We buy houses in any condition, no matter how pretty or ugly, and we never ask you to do any repairs. That is a big advantage if you need to sell quickly, or if you’re not interested in dealing with all the headaches of fixing up the property yourself.

Other advantages of selling your house to Baritone:

  • Quick close – We can close within a few days, or at any point in the future depending on the time frame that works best for you.
  • No closing costs – We pay all the closing costs, so you know exactly how much you’re going to walk away with.
  • No commissions – We are licensed real estate agents, but we will not charge any commissions when buying your house.
  • No appraisal – No appraisal is required to sell your property.  Whatever price we agree on with you, we will pay that price.
  • No showings – We will view the property once and that will be it!  You won’t have people traipsing through your home every day, criticizing your property and making messes.
  • Local company = Better deal! – You’ve probably seen billboards or heard radio ads from other ugly house buyers. There are several such nationwide companies. We are a local home buyer in the Phoenix Arizona area, so we don’t need the big marketing budget that national “we buy ugly homes” companies do.  That means we can give you a better price on your home!

Give us a call today, at (480) 447-3577, or fill out the form at the top right, and we will visit your property and give you a fair, no obligation offer on your home.


I hope to speak with you soon!

– Nate Tanner, Baritone

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