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We will buy your house fast for cash. Here are the benefits.
advantages of selling your house to Baritone:

  • Quick close – We can close within a few days, or at any point in the future depending on the time frame that works best for you.
  • No closing costs – We pay all the closing costs, so you know exactly how much you’re going to walk away with.
  • No commissions – We are licensed real estate agents, but we will not charge any commissions when buying your house.
  • No appraisal – No appraisal is required to sell your property.  Whatever price we agree on with you, we will pay that price.
  • No showings – We will view the property once and that will be it!  You won’t have people traipsing through your home every day, criticizing your property and making messes.
  • Local company = Better deal! – You’ve probably seen billboards or heard radio ads from other ugly house buyers. There are several such nationwide companies. We are a local home buyer in the Mesa/Phoenix Arizona area, so we don’t need the big marketing budget that national “we buy ugly homes” companies do.  That means we can give you a better price on your home!
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We Buy Houses Phoenix AZ - Testimonial from Mesa AZ home seller Marshall
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