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Why Sell Your Home To An Investor?

Are you ready to sell your home, but dreading the sales process? Selling a property can be long and tedious ordeal, filled with unexpected problems.

Selling to an investor can be a quick and easy alternative. Baritone Home Buyers is a local home buyer in the Phoenix AZ area. We have been buying homes here since 2002. Our goal is to make the sales process quick, easy, straightforward, and painless for you, the seller!

When Would It Make Sense To Sell To Baritone Home Buyers?

Selling to Baritone Home Buyers is not for everyone, but it might make sense for you if you fit any of the following:

  • You Need To Sell Fast – The traditional sales process can take several months. We can typically close within one week. If you need to sell ASAP, call us today for a cash offer, (480) 447-3577.
  • You Don’t Want To Fix Up Your Fixer Upper – To list your home for sale you typically need to fix it up and get everything in good condition. We buy in as-is condition, with no repairs needed. If your home needs more repairs than you want to deal with, getting an offer from Baritone Home Buyers would be a good alternative.
  • You Just Don’t Want To Deal With The Hassle – Listing your home for sale can be a big hassle, with a lot of waiting, a lot of people walking through your home and judging you, then you might have to lower the price a few times, then more waiting, haggling over the price with potential buyers, dealing with inspections, haggling over repairs, doing repairs, supervising contractors, dealing with the appraisal, appraisal problems, loan qualifying problems, buyers backing out, etc. etc.
    We can buy your house without any of those headaches!
  • You Don’t Need All Cash – We typically buy for all cash, but if you don’t need all your cash immediately to buy a new property, we can instead buy your home by making payments over time. That way we can give you a higher price. Sometimes we can even pay higher than market value!

If any of these reasons apply to you, selling to Baritone Home Buyers could make sense. If you would like us to give you a no obligation cash offer, this is the way we operate:

  • Face To Face – We will meet you at your property at a time that’s convenient for you, and after viewing the property we will make you a fair offer that same day.
  • Cash Buyers – We will pay all cash for your house. We won’t be getting a loan, so you will not have to worry about any delays from the loan process, or whether we’ll qualify for the loan.
  • No Showings or Inspections – We will view the property once and that will be it!  You won’t have people traipsing through your home every day, criticizing your property and making messes.
  • Quick Close – We can close within a few days, or at any point in the future depending on the time frame that works best for you.
  • No Closing Costs – We pay all the closing costs, so you know exactly how much you’re going to walk away with.
  • No Commissions – We are licensed real estate agents, but we will not charge any commissions when buying your house.
  • No Appraisal – No appraisal is required to sell your property.  Whatever price we agree on with you, we will pay that price.

If you would like us to get you a fair offer, with no obligation whatsoever, here are the next steps:

Step 1: Watch this video:

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Step 2: Submit your info below:

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